A Silly Thought….

Well, blog no:4 – I wrote this short story a few years back when there was a lot of talk in the press about the spread of nuclear weapons. Now with all the speculation about when and not if Iran becomes a nuclear power I thought it might be time to give it another airing, enjoy,..


A Silly Thought….



It was just past the third sunset of the day, on a world far, far away, when the three of them began the long journey home from the Bi-Centennial fireworks display.

“Wow, that was the best ever!” the little boy exclaimed from the back seat of his parents shuttle-pod.

“It’s just not fair we can’t have them more than just once every two hundred years, and bigger too?”

He was still very young. His Mother turned and smiled, seeking to explain:

“Because of the radiation,” she said. “And you know how dangerous it would be if it was any bigger. We all do.”

The little boy fell silent, thinking about what his mother had said, knowing she was right: “I suppose so, but… it’d sure be nice to see it close-up next time.”

This time it was the Father who addressed the little boy’s innocence:

“If only that were true, but it’s not,” the father began, knowing the time for explanation had come: “You see, when the scientists discovered atomic power, everyone knew it was a gift of nature, a marvellous gift to warm and light all the worlds for ever and ever.”

“Just like a star?”

“Yes, in a way, but not quite – more like having our very own ‘little’ star, right in out hands. But like any precious gift, it has to be looked after, and treated carefully.”


“Well, the scientists realized how, if the little star ever got away from us, it could destroy entire world; because it’s more powerful than anything else we know – more powerful than any earthquake or volcano. That’s why we had to wait so very long before we made the atomic power stations, until we knew enough to make them absolutely safe. So once every two hundred years we have the atomic fireworks show, not just to entertain us and to remind us of how lucky we are, but also to remind us how careful we have to be.”

The little boy understood. “I never thought about it like that. I suppose if we weren’t so careful, some people might even try and throw the little stars at each other.”

Ronnie! The little boys parents gasped, momentarily stunned.

Mother spoke first: “What a silly thought. That would be insane.”

Then Father spoke: “Even more insane than me aiming this shuttle into the sun and just killing us for no reason at all.”

The little boy was ashamed of his silly thought now that he realized just how insane it really was: “I’m sorry,” the little boy cried.

Mother and Father took him in their arms, soothing his fears: “I love you both. I love everyone,” the boy said.

“We love you too, Ronnie,” Mother and Father answered, smiling and forgiving. And in that far away world, life went on… happily and forever…

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Middle-aged man, aspiring writer, book blogger/reviewer, and author, one grown-up son and young grandson, now retired, actively working to develop a writing career.

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  1. Thoughtful, Creative and Worth Reading. Some times I really wonder from where do you get all these ideas. Anyways, even if I get such ideas, I might not be able to do justice to it the way you do it….so I am happy reading your articles. 🙂

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  2. Not a silly thought at all. In that far, far away violent-less world, it is beautiful. The innocence, the love, the mutual sense of family. Yet a seed is revealed in little Ronnie’s mind that might someday germinate and prosper into destruction and evil. Everything starts in such a fashion, with imagination, with the asking.
    Good work, Paul.


    • Yes, you’re right of course; one of the things I was trying to do is convey the idea that a society might evolve one day where the adults have finally come to their senses about such things and pass that wisdom onto their children…

      Thanks for you astute words here.



  3. Wow! So creative Paul. I really enjoyed that. Id like to see the story expanded most certainly.

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  4. Well it’s not often I make someone’s day…

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    • Well you most certainly have; it’s actually quite refreshing to meet another blogger/writer who isn’t totally obsessed with self-promotion. Don’t get me wrong, I know self-promotion is a vital part of any self-published author’s effort, but it’s still nice when people take the time and trouble to help someone else along the way.



      • Thanks, Paul. To be honest, I’m not overly comfortable with promoting myself (need to get over that little hang-up), but if I read something I like I’m more than happy to share it. That aside, experience has taught me that you get out of life what you put into it, and the more you help others, the more help you get – and not necessarily from the people you’ve helped. I’m looking forward to reading more of your work.


  5. I love this, Paul. Can’t believe it’s only had one comment. It really does highlight what a bunch of idiots the human race are.


  6. echoesofthepen

    I had almost completely forgotten i had written this or that it was even on here. It was sort of of one of my early ‘experimental’ writing attempts…


  7. I wondered if we were going to find Mother/Father as a single-bodied person with two heads, produced from generations of what had evolved over the years. Maybe an idea to work with for a sequel eh. Nice one.

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