Beyond The Law – Book Review

This is one hell of a good book by fellow blogger, Tom Benson, whose own blog,, features high in my list of ‘follows.’

Tom is a prolific writer of short stories, flash fiction, novels, and a number of poetry books. In addition to being a great writer and author, he also takes the time to offer advice and support to fellow writers and bloggers.

As well as reading this excellent novel, take a look at his blog, as there are some equally excellent short and flash fiction stories to enjoy too…


Beyond The Law, by Tom Benson

(Available from Amazon in Kindle e-book format)      

A ‘can’t put down’ book that definitely hits the ground running. In an explosive opening chapter reminiscent of Andy McNab, we’re introduced to the central character, Phil McKenzie, and some of the background to his special skills and training. What follows is an equally explosive story of unofficial state-sanctioned vigilantism as he and his cohorts set about tackling the tough and violent criminal under-belly of a crime ridden Glasgow. But this is no simple story of good guys hunting down the bad; set against the murky backdrop of the military and British intelligence, Phil McKenzie and a select team of operatives are up against a criminal alliance that spans not only that of organised crime but also high ranking politicians and police officers. The book takes a number of different and dangerous turns, culminating in one hell of a conclusion.

Some of the characters have definite echoes of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher. The dialogue throughout is both fluid and natural, as is the writing and realistic portrayal of a world and characters that thankfully, most never get to see outside the pages of a book. The author’s attention to detail and plot-line are approached with the same deadly precision as that of a covert military operation.  

This is a book that effortlessly combines the genres of military adventure with that of crime and justice, and one that would sit well in the company of Lee Child, Andy McNab, and Tom Clancy. Should Tom Benson ever decide to write a sequel, it will certainly leapfrog to the front of my ‘to read’ list. Highly recommended…

For further information on Tom Benson and his past and current writing projects see also:

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  1. Christopher Davis

    Just read your review and looked it up on Amazon. It must be good if you even managed to get Silly B*****x to read it let alone write anything. I’ll download and read it sometime this week along with the other one, M’Matters the two of you were saying.



  2. You got my interest with this Little Legs. Sounds just my kind of thing. On my kindle now. Thx for the heads up on it, and I’ll drop you line I’m done mate.


    • echoesofthepen

      Cheers Brian. Got your text, told you you’d like it, and thanks for writing a few words on the amazon site too (I know that’s not really your thing – still, least you could do after all them ‘little legs’


  3. Hi Paul. Having read your review on my crime thriller, I left a comment on my Amazon Author’s Page, but I don’t know if their system is efficient at passing on the writer’s feedback to a reviewer.
    I was totally delighted by your findings, and when I came on here to check out your own work, it was wonderful to see such responses to your review. I hope all your other followers take your review to heart and buy the book. I’m sure that like you, they will enjoy it.
    I’m working on an idea right now to see if I can send you my next one before I publish it on Amazon. I’ll drop you a private email regarding my idea for the preview/review for that one.
    I’ll also drop a comment up above for pathbreakingwriter. You are quite correct that the book will be available on Amazon, but it will be
    I’m off to update myself on your recent posts.


    • echoesofthepen

      Hi Tom
      I saw your comment on Amazon (I get an email when someone comments on a review), and replied to it if you want to take a look as I added a little more to the review there (As for pathbreakingwriter, he did say later he was a bit snowed under with work to actually read any novels for the foreseeable future).

      I’ve been working on my longer projects recently so nothing much new here since my last couple of postings I’m afraid…

      I tweeted this post to drum up a bit more awareness, but not been using twitter all that long or very effectively so Damyanti (below) was also kind enough to tweet it.


  4. This is something that will go to my husband’s TBR pile– will pass him this review 🙂


  5. A thriller like this one can keep me awake the entire night. I should certainly read it. You mention Tom Clancy there and I’m thinking ‘I must get this one.’ Thanks for the review.


    • echoesofthepen

      Yes indeed, I’m hoping there will be a sequel sometime in the future. Very pleased the review has caught your interest, thanks…


  6. Not sure if I will find this one here in India, but I like such stories.


    • echoesofthepen

      As an e-book, it’s available to download but not sure of its availability via amazon outside Europe and the US I’m afraid. If a particular book isn’t available in a particular country or region, it’s always worth contacting the author to see if there are any review copies available that they can send you in exchange for an honest review.


    • Hello there pathbreakingwriter. I’ll try to find your site shortly, as I will for any of my readers/prospective readers.
      My other novel on Amazon, ’10 Days in Panama’ has sold in India, Japan and Brazil, apart from the UK and the US, so I’m pretty sure you should be able to find ‘Beyond The Law’.
      I think your local link will be to:
      If you have any issues with that link, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


  7. You have given an overall objective review of the book that, although is not what I normally read, made it sound intriguing and worthy of a good go. Thanks!


    • echoesofthepen

      This sort of book is very much the sort of book I like to read, so it’s unlikely a reviewer would have to say very much at all to get me interested, but if a review can persuade a potential reader to even consider reading something outside their regular interests, then the review has done its job I think, so thanks indeed for saying that the review was enough to intrigue you.


  8. Great plot summary and thoughts on some of the aspects of the novel. It’s enough to pique interest without giving away too much!


    • echoesofthepen

      Thank you, that’s most welcome from a fellow reviewer; it’s always a fine line between saying enough to generate interest in a book, and not saying too much to spoil the potential reader’s enjoyment or sense of surprise. Thank you for the kind comment, much appreciated as always.


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