His Judas Bride – Book Review

Shehanne Moore is the author of three highly successful and slightly risque historical romance novels, all published by Etopia Press (see link at end).

As well as her creative writing she is also a prolific blogger (see blog link at end), which contains many posts that I’ve enjoyed reading and commenting on.

The book I’ve reviewed here is not her latest, but one that was chosen on account of its loose (un-named) connection to a part of Scotland that I’m a frequent visitor to. Despite being way outside my usual reading tastes, it’s a book I thoroughly enjoyed, and I shall certainly be reading and reviewing further books by Shehanne Moore in the future, as well as getting to know the author and her writing a little better in a future author interview I hope to post later in the year.



His Judas Bride, by Shehanne Moore

(Available in eBook format from Amazon Kindle)


judasbridepicThis is a book that draws the reader in from the very first page. Set amid the Scottish Glens when rival clans fought among themselves, Lady Kara is betrothed and dispatched by her father to the court of a rival Clan chief. But Lady Kara is not all she seems, and has her own secrets and agenda that she will lie, scheme, and fight for in any way she can to protect and achieve. Far from being the chaste and naive lady of the Edinburgh court the rival chieftain believes her to be, Lady Kara’s past is as dramatic and violent as that of any fighting clansman. Upon her arrival at the court of her intended, what follows is a story filled with intrigue, courage, fighting, sex and seduction, and much more besides, before its final heart-warming conclusion. This is a story and world of savage brutality, and sex that reflects that savagery in a way that perfectly reflects the morals and attitudes of the time, but without ever falling into the trap of being gratuitous or too explicit.

The author adopts a style of dialogue and prose that reflects and compliments the period of its setting, yet not so much as to distract the reader in any way. The action and raunch are never less than brutally authentic, immersing the reader in Lady Kara’s world. In contrast to this, the dialogue is often very witty, and there are some great moments of humour and verbal sparring. Although written in the third person, the reader could almost believe the central characters are each in turn being written in the first person, such is the depth of characterisation the author achieves.

There’s a lot going on in this book, and is definitely one that needs to be read with a keen eye rather than skimmed through, especially if reading this genre or Shehanne Moore for the first time, but the effort is well rewarded with a raw and raunchy cracking good read that will appeal to most if not all fans of this genre.



Links to other books by Shehanne Moore:










For further information about Shehanne Moore see:






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  1. Great review! Shehanne is one of the nicest bloggers I’ve “met” on this blogging/writing journey.

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  2. Hi, Paul. I just wanted to say that you’ve written yet another considered and generous (i.e. in the amount of time and thought you give each review you publish) account of a fellow writer’s work. What I need to learn from you is your willingness to approach each book without the baggage of personal preference. It is so encouraging and refreshing to know that when you give your opinions, they do not come filtered through prejudice against a particular genre. Not everyone has that ability; I’m convinced that I don’t. Thank goodness you do!


    • Thanks again for another well considered reply; I know exactly what you mean about allowing personal preference to influence a review – it’s very easy to allow a personal liking for a particular genre to tempt you into glossing over the short-comings of a book, just as easily as it is to being blinded to the good points of a genre you’re not usually keen on.

      It’s no great effort to review a book, as I learn so much from other writers this way, and as for the time and effort, I usually take the odd few notes As I’m reading so by the time I’m finished, the review has practically written itself, just a matter of tidying it up a bit.

      Will be back blogging/reviewing asap…

      Best wishes,

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  3. Oh Paul….Oh… Fanning myself here.. . You have no idea how badly I was sweating this review! And hiding my face . Thank you, thank you from the very bottom of my heart. You have no idea what this review means to me xxx

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    • Not really being my genre I was a little apprehensive to start, but really loved it. Only problem is that I want to read the others now, which is going to seriously set back my reading schedule, but hey, I can live with that!


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      • Oh Paul, you are so kind, really and truly. l have been apprehensive knowing it is not your chosen genre. I kept trying o say to myself that apart from Mr Shey, I knew one other man read Fury and he liked it which kind of astonished me but really I was praying your give it a go would not be sadly sadly misplaced, you’d think…what is this? You have no idie what I have been through! But worth it to read your marvellous words.!

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        • You’ll never be able to please all the people all the time, as they say, but I was more than pleased on this occasion. Thanks too for all the tweets and retweets, and helping publicise some of my reviews, your efforts have not gone unnoticed, and been much appreciated!

          Been busy with my non-blog writing/editing recently but hope to be back blogging/reviewing asap….


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          • I’m happy to publicise your reviews, this whole biz is a pretty brutal one and I absolutely believe in helping people out! Hope your own writing is going well and I am going to be hearing of you that way soon!


  4. I like a book that has a bit of wit, it releases the tension. Thanks for the review on a genre i’m not that versed in.

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  5. This sounds like my kind of fiction. It reminds me if a paperback novel I read years ago called The Wind From Hastings. I LOVED that book. Thanks for a good recommendation!

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  6. One of the most important things that I look for as a reader is a depth of characterization that draws me into the lives of the story’s participants. I’m also a big fan of authenticity and humour, so this sounds like a story that I will need to look for!

    Thank you very much- I love the strong sense of the feel and strengths of this story that I got from your review.

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    • Despite being your typical neanderthal bloke whose never even considered reading in this genre before, I really enjoyed this. Hope you do too… and thanks also for taking the time to comment, much appreciated!


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