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kathyTucker‘Saving Grace’ is a short story, or what is often referred to now as a Kindle Short. W.K. Tucker is someone I met during the AtoZ April blogging challenge by way of posts we both responded to, and have since kept in touch via blogging. Although relatively new to self-publishing and the world of amazon publishing, W. K. Tucker has a long and successful history of short story writing, having been published in various magazines over the years. In addition to ‘Saving Grace,’ she is also the author of another short story, ‘Pearls Before Swine,’ also available as a Kindle Short from Amazon.

Further information and links to the author’s work, along with several free short stories and poetry can be found at her wordpress blog:


Saving Grace

By W. K. Tucker

(Availabe as an eBook Kindle short from Amazon)


Tucker1This is a lovely and delightful little story. Aggie, the narrator, is an elderly woman living alone in a remote house in some woods with just her ageing dog Penny for company most of the time. One night something extraordinary happens – something lands in the woods, something ‘otherworldly’ from the sky, and together they discover a small almost transparent jellyfish-like creature. Being a good and kind woman, and seeing that it’s cold and in need of help, Aggie takes the creature in, naming it Grace; what follows is a gripping story of how the creature develops, and how it more than repays the kindness and trust shown by both Aggie and her dog, a kindness that the whole of mankind will ultimately benefit from.

Written in the first person, Aggie conjures up a perfect image of the deep south of America, of the southern cornfields, rocking chairs on the porch, and the old ageing dog in the background. Not only does she achieve this through some quaint imagery and terminology, but she takes the brave decision to write entirely in the local southern dialect and accent; whether this would be a good idea in a longer story I don’t know, but here it works perfectly, giving the narrative and dialogue a real flavour of the south to them. There are some subtle references that add to the atmosphere too such as her mistrust of the ‘government’ men who may take an interest in ‘Grace.’ Although ultimately this has a real feel-good factor to it, there is a nice mix of danger and suspense too – an effective blend of sci-fi and horror all mixed up in a very real down to earth setting. My only disappointment with this story was that it eventually had to end. Highly recommended.


Also by W. K. Tucker:


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  1. Great review of a wonderful author, I’m glad to see this review; that her work is out there, and the responses. I believe she has a short story collection available now. I will need to pick up copies of both, the premise to Saving Grace sounds intriguing. Great review work, as ever. 🙂


  2. Great review and interesting plot.

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  3. Thank you for the review! I haven’t read any Amazon Kindle shorts yet, but it’s been on my list of ‘to do’s,’ a bit selfishly since I know I have many shorts ready for self-publishing also. Great to meet you here. I’ve downloaded Saving Grace.

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    • Hi Pam…
      Just stopped by your blog and hope to read some of your stories later. Really pleased you liked the review, and hope you enjoy ‘Saving Grace’ as much as I did. Be sure to let me know or post something when you publish one of your shorts.

      Best wishes,

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  4. A brilliant review. This reminds me of a Japanese cartoon my son used to watch when he was little. It was called Poyo – I don’t think it ever made it into the mainstream – and it was about this little girl-shaped blob that emerged from the sea one day (actually an alien) and was taken in by this nice family… The whole world benefited from their kindness in the end. It was very moving. Kind of like your review 😉

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  5. W. K. Tucker

    Reblogged this on WK Tucker | Author and commented:
    I really don’t like to “toot my own horn”, (that is one aspect of being a writer I don’t enjoy) but Paul did such a wonderful review of my Kindle short, I wished to share.

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  6. W. K. Tucker

    Thank you for the fine review, Paul. I’m delighted you enjoyed “Saving Grace”, and hope when I publish my collection of shorts in a few weeks, you’ll pay me a return visit.

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  7. Put it on my future wish list, thanks Paul.

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  8. I loved Saving Grace. I had been following Kathy’s stories on her blog for some time, and couldn’t wait to read this. I wasn’t disappointed! Everything she writes is a “can’t put down” journey. Highly recommend this author!

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  9. Neat review Paul. I read this in January and prior to that time I’d been trying to convince our friend to go down the self-publishing route. As you know, she is a very talented lady, so I’m delighted to see her work out there.

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    • Delighted as well… and quite chuffed we generated another sale and potential fan for this little gem of a story in the group too!

      “…Mike Billington Paul: Nice review… went to her site, read the synopsis and just bought it… thanks.

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  10. Reblogged this on Odyssey of a Novice Writer and commented:
    W. K. Tucker – check out her blog, short stories and new Kindle stories. You will be glad you did! 👍

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  11. Looking forward to reading! You are one of my favorite writers!

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  12. Reblogged this on Indie Author Review Exchange and commented:

    A lovely and delighful short story from W K.Tucker… Reblogged from my personal blogsite..

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