Depositphotos_1781522_originalcopy2Never a tinker or even a tailor, though once a soldier and an occasional sailor. I’ve fought my battles in many a playground and field, with make-believe guns and then riot shields. I’ve stood my ground toe to toe in the ring. But now I’m older and maybe a tiny bit wiser, wondering now what the future may bring.

I’ve hung up my gloves and also the guns, put aside my days and life as a lad, exchanged them all for a screen and keypad. And now it’s my characters that march, where I fear to tread. And when they die they really stay dead, no miraculous recoveries or surreal shower scenes, or of waking up from a season-long dream.

Each word that I write strives to leap from the page, each page that I write urging the reader onto the next. I write what I know and imagine the rest. I write in black and white, leaving your imagination to make of it what you might. If all you want is simplicity and colour from the start, something to satisfy an instant entertainment fix, there’s always cable or even Netflix.

We live in an age of instant information, of every type of visual stimulation, and worst of all, of effortless entertainment.  Read on then, dear reader, if you like what you’ve read, I promise I won’t let it go to my head (actually that’s a lie, we authors have an ego the size of a city).

  • If after reading this far you’re still of a mind to want to know more about the author and blogger then I’m delighted to oblige …

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Noir movie characterA UK based amateur writer aspiring to join the ranks of the professionals. Finally getting to grips with the whole online blogging and e-publishing. In the meantime, a bit of background information about myself: a middle-aged man, one grown-up son, widower, recently retired from the transport industry, and long before, spent my adult ‘youth’ in the British Army. 

Aside from writing, also have a love of the great outdoors – walking, scrambling, climbing, road cycling & mountain biking, interests I hope to reflect in some of my posts here.

Please feel free to offer any advice and suggestions regarding its design and layout etc as it would be much appreciated. Needless to say any feedback on any of my posts definitely most welcome!

Feel free to contact or look me up …



The book on the right is an anthology of short stories in aid of the cancer support charity, MacMillan Nurses, a book that I am extremely proud to have contributed one of my own short stories too. 

Please click below for Amazon buy links:

Amazon/UK – You’re Not Alone

Amazon/US – You’re Not Alone

  1. An interesting page. I too am an ex-serviceman, RAN specifically. Coincidentally, I too spent ten years with amateur gloves on, and trained many there after. Now as a result of injuries sustained in the service of Australia, I am confined to a pseudo working life behind the screen, pen in hand. I ejfoy your blog greatly.

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    • Delighted to know a bit more about you and some of the things we have in common and of course to connect with a fellow veteran (and boxer 😊). I need to update my ‘about’ page – I had to take early retirement last year hence reviving my blogging/writing. Am pleased you’re able to write, your stories have a memorable stand-out quality. Am pleased also you’re enjoying my blog too, It was gracious of you to say, so I’ll try to keep it varied and interesting.

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  2. Hi Paul. I didn’t realise that ‘echoesofthepen’ was you!

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  3. Hi there,

    We’d love you to be part of the blog tour for our brand new thriller author Simon Crane, and his book The Secret Broker.

    If you’re interested and would like to know more, please email me at peter@quartetbooks.co.uk




  4. Hi, Paul,
    This is the woman you knew as WK Tucker. This is where I am now. I figure Tom filled you in on some of the details.

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  5. Hi, pleased to meet you. Good luck with your writing journey – I’m on the same path… taking forever to get to my goal.

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  6. Pleased to meet you. I’ve hopped over from the Cherished blog fest. Good luck with your novel.

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  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. I like the name of your blog and wish you all the best in your writing endeavours.

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  8. Hi Paul! I’m with you on the nature thing. I think we should all move our desks outside! Thanks for the cherished fest!


  9. Hi, Paul! Found your blog via Cherished Blogfest. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Looking forward to reading about cherished objects here and at other blogs this weekend.


  10. Paul, based on a glimpse of a couple of your reviews, looks like you’re well into developing a presence for readers and writers – very nice (smiles). Best wishes!

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    • Cheers Felipe… and you’re proving to be one of our most active and helpful reviewers in our group, not to mention all the advice and encouragement you provide there.


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      • Looking fwd to having more time in a few months and reviewing and being more active again, though I do manage to peek in once a day or so and enjoy all the new members and new ideas and posts. Thanks for creating such a vibrant author community Paul 🙂


  11. I like you blog, Dan. Will follow it 🙂

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  12. HI Paul, just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog award. If you would like to accept and pass it on, you can view the details on my post here http://tropicalaffair.me/2014/10/07/out-of-the-blue/ 🙂

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  13. I have nominated you for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. You can find the rules on my latest blog post. Keep inspiring!

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    • Hi Paul,
      A while after I nominated you, I quit accepting these types of awards. I have also deleted all awards and their respective posts from my blog. Not enough time to respond to awards, write, and perform my day job; something had to go. If you wish to accept the award, you can find information about it on the web.


  14. Accidentally discovered your blog. However, it is always good to connect people who love reading books. Looking forward to your posts….:)


  15. Thanks for dropping by my blog and leading me back to yours. I look forward to following your future posts and writing adventures.

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  16. Hi Paul! Saw your status update on Facebook and wanted to say I’m looking forward to reading/reviewing your anthology when it comes out. I’d love to have you over to my blog for an interview and to talk about the book, too. The Reborn sequel is coming along…almost done with a draft I’m pretty happy with, although it won’t be done quite yet…

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    • You’ve no idea how much I appreciate that (then again, as an author you probably do..lol). I’d be delighted to do an interview once the book’s out, and strangely enough, comprehensive author interviews and links to their works/books etc is something I want to do as well later in the year, and your name was one of those on my list. Needless to say, your sequel to ‘Reborn’ will be going straight on my read and review list as soon as it comes out!

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  17. I shall be looking forward to following you. I am definitely an Anglophile–and the Favorite City quiz proves it: LONDON. I have made some trips to Cambridge as a tutor for Florid students. Follow me: memoriesofatime. That will not boggle your mind. :o)

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  18. Hello from Madison, WI, USA, just tuned in today, gave you a follow 🙂 Visit me over at http://www.thatssojacob.wordpress.com if you’d like to read my thoughts or just return the favor, thanks!

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  19. Looking forward to read your blog 🙂

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  20. Looking forward to getting stuck into this lot. Keep it up.

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  21. Thanks very much for the follow. Ian xxx

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  22. Christopher Davis

    Great looking site and blog. Been reading some of your short stories, and they’re really good. When are you going to publish one of your novels though?

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  23. I love the other two pictures as well on this page. I would to stand there high on the mountains clicking some pictures, then I would close my eyes and feel the air and be one with the universe. On that book shelf, I think the lowest shelf that has Dan Brown books I would read that. I would love to read Inferno, but I really run out of time.

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  24. I love that bicycle of yours. I have always loved cycling on the city streets,rural areas and woods. I had a StreetCat ATB and one fine Sunday morning I met with an accident, my bicycle flew meters away and I smashed my face into a street lamp post breaking my nose. 🙂

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  25. Hiya Little Legs. So this is where you’re scribbling. You’ve got some great stuff on here and first time I’ve seen any of it. I started that Tom Benson book you were on about.

    Enough of that — I like the blog name but how about this — TheLittlestLanceJack — got a ring to it don’t you reckon? (just my little joke mate).

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    • echoesofthepen

      Less of the sodding little legs! And no, I don’t think it’s got a ring to it… lol, though it would be a good title for one of my other projects, speak more about that some other time…


  26. I think that you are doing better than you realize in the blogging and reviewing world.

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    • echoesofthepen

      If that’s the case, it’s largely thanks to fellow bloggers such as yourself who are kind enough to comment and say so, so thank you indeed!


  27. Hi Paul! I must tell you that the name of your blog is absolutely enchanting! It resonates perfectly with your writing. I am so happy to be following your blog and cannot wait to read more. With big hugs from the Canadian in Chicago, Cher xo

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    • echoesofthepen

      Thank you indeed! And I must say, that’s quite possibly one of the nicest comments I’ve had, that’s made my day, and made me a very happy blogger, so thank you again…

      Best wishes, Paul…


  28. I’m so glad you stopped by my blog. I understand how daunting it can be setting yourself up and “out there” as well as asking for feedback. Good luck with all of your endeavors!

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    • echoesofthepen

      My pleasure. You write a unique and fascinating blog… Am looking forward to further posts, and thanks for your all your nice comments on some of my stories, very much appreciated indeed!


  29. I’ve just been reading your review of Cemetery Tours. Sounds interesting.

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  30. Hi Paul, and before anything else, thank you for checking out my blog. As you’ll appreciate, we writers feed off each other, whether it’s a blog, a book review, or simply a comment in the right place, and dare I say, in the right tone.
    I like the style of your bio, which reading between the lines, already promotes you as a genuine individual, willing to take a risk, and prepared to make the odd cock-up to get things right.
    I’ve also read one of your reviews so far, and that confirms the aforementioned thoughts. I’m sure S.L.Stacy appreciated your words, and you did a good job – without giving too much away. I’ll now be following you, in between pages of my latest masterpiece … LOL.
    Keep up the good work.

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    • echoesofthepen

      Just realised I’ve never responded to your message here; regarding my book reviews, I think they’re finally beginning to perhaps just add one or two more sales and raise a bit of awareness for said authors. And on a personal note, have made plenty of ‘cock-ups’in the past and will probably make quite a few more in the future. At least I don’t get bollocked or hauled up for them anymore .. lol.


  31. Hi! I wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! For more information, check out my blog: http://jackiesmith114.wordpress.com/2014/01/14/the-liebster-award/ 🙂

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